We focus on new activities for and by young girls in northeastern Kenya, especially in the area around Isiolo. Suggestions for new business mainly come from the area in question, supplemented with expertise and advice from various supporters.

We focus on young women because they are given far fewer opportunities and because they give back to the community, thus contributing to regional development. Moreover, they are highly motivated to take control of their own future.

We validate each proposal against the needs, developments and possibilities in the area. When young women, for example in collaboration with local teachers, submit an idea, it is assessed for viability by experts. If necessary, a limited microcredit is available as an interest-free loan. We also work together with local soft loan providers such as the Equity Foundation.

We maintain close contact with local experts and entrepreneurs, with parents’ groups and tribal elders, and with our partners in Nairobi. We also work with local ‘polytechnic’ vocational schools such as the St. Joseph Vocational Training Center in Isiolo.

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My village is proud of me, because I'm different,
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