We focus on training and new business for and by women in northeastern Kenya, mainly Isiolo County. The suggestions for new business come primarily from the area in question, supplemented by expertise and advice from various supporters.

Our objective is to contribute to the position of women in Isiolo County, NO-Kenia. We focus on three themes: income improvement, social equality and area strengthening.

We focus on young women because they have far fewer opportunities, and because they give back to the community more than men, thus contributing to economic strengthening in the region. Moreover, they are highly motivated to take control of their own destiny.

Every year we support new projects in agriculture, livestock and small retail. The starting point is that the activities concerned should be independent within approximately 2 years.

Stichting MOV Eindhoven finances its activities with donations from donors, support from development organizations and its own initiatives.

The statutory board of the MOV Eindhoven Foundation performs its activities unpaid. Our (part-time) employees in Marsabit and Nairobi receive a monthly contribution for their work.

We keep close contact with local experts and entrepreneurs, with parent groups and tribal elders, and with our partners in Nairobi.

Those interested can request the Terms & Conditions of our projects from Greet de Bruijn. See JOIN in the menu bar.

My village is proud of me, because I'm different,
better educated and a counselor for many girls.


Stichting MOV

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